Monday, August 29

Grilled Salsa

I believe Labor Day weekend is coming up. Perfect excuse to hang out with family & friends, enjoy the outdoors and try this fabulous grilled salsa!!

4 Tomatoes
4 Jalapenos
3 Serrano peppers
1/4 onion (finely chopped)
Cilantro (chopped)
Salt & Pepper (to taste)

* Amount of peppers is completely up to you! Keep in mind depending on the heat these peppers
are packing & the heat levels you can endure is what you would add.
(Serrano Pepper are spicier than Jalapenos & may be omitted)

Heat up grill, add veggies (tomato & peppers)

Meanwhile chop the onion & cilantro, set aside.

Until tomatoes & peppers have a uniform 'char' (black burned sections),
you know they are ready.

*Place peppers in a zip-lock bag and close.. allow peppers to sit in this steam bath for 5 minutes.
 (This allows skins to loosen for easy peeling)

Peel & place tomatoes in a bowl and begin mashing with a cup (leave it chunky)
If you have a "MOLCAJETE" on hand, use it ;)

Take peppers out of the bag, peel & chop! (Wash your hands)

Add desired amount of peppers, chopped onions & cilantro to the tomatoes. (Season)
Mix to combine all ingredients!


I owe my FIL for introducing me to this salsa <3


  1. Deffinately trying a latina I love me some salsa! Great food blog BTW.

  2. Yes I know, its like a necessity with our meals! & thank you, still learning the ropes about blogging! Thanks for following :-)

  3. Look delicious. I'll definitely have to try this salsa! I too love salsa with my meals.

  4. Leave me feedback when you try a recipe :) Do try this salsa, perfect for summer!

  5. This delicious is super yummy. However, if you don't like your salsa too spicy, then you may only want to use 1 serrano pepper. These days, those serrano's are killer!

  6. Yes Peppers are definitely optional and up to the chef :) Sometimes serranos are as spicy as 'chiles de arbol'... haha