Thursday, September 29

Ground Beef Enchiladas w/ Guajillo Sauce

Mom's Ground Beef Enchilada's are always a hit!
Make this recipe when you have about 1 hour to spare. You won't be disappointed, promise :-)

Guajillo & Tomato Sauce
7 Guajillo Chilies
1 large tomato (quartered)
1 garlic clove
1 Tbsp Knolls Chicken flavored Bouillon
1 Tbsp of Grape seed oil
1 Tbsp of flour

Remove stems & clean

In a small pot add chiles & tomato fill with enough water to cover the chiles, turn on burner to a medium high heat, covered. Cook for about 10-15 mins (chiles & tomato must be tender).

Turn heat off! Place chiles & tomato in a blender, add Chicken bouillon, garlic & about 1/4 cup of the cooking water... BLEND. Blend well, for a couple minutes, consistency should be thick enough to coat a spoon. Taste & adjust seasonings accordingly. Tip: Levels of Spice depend on individual chiles, sometimes these are spicy & other times they are not... at all. Good luck ;)

Rinse the pot you cooked the chiles in... & dry. Heat up the pot add 1 Tbsp of oil &
1 Tbsp of flour, cook for about 2 mins or until it slightly boils.

Grab a mesh strainer & begin SLOWLY pouring in the sauce, "smack" the side of the strainer to enable the sauce to seep through.. When only seeds remain, press down with a spoon to push all the juices through. Heat up sauce & bring to a boil (heat should be at medium-low). Sauce should thicken some more. Turn heat off. Set aside.

RECIPE: (for the ground beef)

1 lb. of lean ground beef
1 Tbsp of Grape seed oil
1 small potato ( small diced)
1 carrot (small diced)
1 garlic (minced)
1/4 onion (chopped finely)
1 small tomato (diced)
2-3 tomatillos
Salt & Pepper
18 Tortillas (this recipe makes this many enchiladas)

Heat up a large skillet, add oil & lean ground beef. Season with salt & pepper.
Saute about 10 mins until meat is almost cooked.

Meanwhile chop all the veggies!

Begin by adding the garlic, onion (Cook 1 min.).. add Carrots & Potato (cook 2 mins).. Lastly add Tomato & tomatillo (cook additional 5-7 mins covered. Turn heat off. Set aside. Adjust seasonings if needed.
This meat mixture is almost like a "picadillo".

To fry the tortillas:
Warm tortillas up slightly, heat up oil in a skillet. Fry each tortilla about 30 sec. to 1 min. per side.
Remove excess oil after. Set aside (make sure all tortillas are facing one direction, smooth side down).

Place meat mixture, sauce & Tortillas within reach. Wet each tortilla in the sauce & place on a separate plate. Add about 2 Tbsp of the meat mixture to one side & ROLL!
(smooth side of the tortilla should be facing outwards) or else!

Our Suggested Toppings:
Chopped ice berg lettuce
Cheese (Cotija, Queso Fresco, Ranchero)
Sour Cream
Lots of Tapatio Hot Sauce


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Tuesday, September 27

Roasted Herbed Chicken Breast

This should really be called:
Roasted Bone-In/ Skin-on Random Herbs, Garlic Galore, not spicy (but has a mild kick) Chicken Breasts


4 (skin-on/ bone-in) chicken breast
1 whole head of garlic
2Tbsp of Fresh Parsley
2Tbsp Fresh Thyme
1Tbsp Fresh Mint
1Tbsp Fresh Basil
2Tbsp of Grape seed oil
1 Tbsp of Chile powder (because I'm out of paprika) ;)
White wine (your choice) enough to cover baking dish
Liberally Salt & pepper chicken breast

I used these fresh herbs because that's what I have growing in my garden, feel free to use
your favorite herbs. Wash/ Dry herbs and place in blender, add garlic cloves, Chile powder & oil.
BLEND! This should be a thick consistency.
Salt & Pepper chicken breast and rub well ALL OVER with the herbed mixture.

Heat a large skillet on medium heat & place chicken skin side down.
 Brown on both sides (about 6 mins per side).

After browning chicken, place in a baking dish (skin side up)
& add about 1/2 inch of white white to the dish.

Place in the oven at 350 degrees & bake for about 35- 40mins
Take out of the oven, allow to cool.


*Enjoy with any side dish, or shred into soups, Chop into chunks for taco's or whatever you please.

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Friday, September 23

Creamy Potatoes Au Gratin

Potatoes Au what... huh?!?!?
Yes, the name alone sounds fancy-pants.. but this is a very basic take on this classic recipe.
I'm sure there are endless variations out there.


4 Potatoes (thinly sliced)
1/2 onion (thinly sliced)
Salt & Pepper to taste
3 Tbsp butter
3 Tbsp all-purpose flour
1/2 salt
2 cups of milk
1 1/2 cups shredded Cheddar cheese

Preheat oven to 400 degrees & Butter your casserole dish.
Wash potatoes, begin to chop even slices & set aside (this will insures they all cook evenly). Thinly slice onion & set aside. Make cheese sauce, description below.

*The recipe I followed didn't call for this step! However, to ensure the bottom potatoes don't burn..
 pour some cheese sauce into the dish before laying potatoes. 

Begin to layer 1/2 the potatoes into the bottom of the dish & TOP with onions
 (Season lightly with Salt and Pepper).

In a medium-sized saucepan, melt the butter over medium heat. Mix in flour & salt, stir with a whisk for about a minute. Then added in milk and keep stirring (cook until the milk thickens).
Now stir in ALL the cheese & stir until melted.

Pour cheese sauce over the potatoes & cover with aluminum foil.
Place in the oven to cook for 1 1/2 hours.
(Yes, long time... but now you can do laundry, have a drink or prepare the rest of your dinner)

Take out, uncover & allow to cool before serving.


*Recipe courtesy of

Monday, September 19

"Asian" Chicken Wings & a Simple Salad

Sushi Feast post continued....
 these are the additional recipes served the day I made California rolls.
Both of these dishes : Chicken wings & a simple salad with a Japanese inspired dressing,
can easily become a dinner (just serve with white rice)!!

Chicken Wings with an Asian Flair


3-4 lbs. fresh chicken wings
Lawry's Seasoned Salt
Kikkoman: Teriyaki (Marinade & Sauce)
3-4 stems of fresh scallions (chopped)
* I did not use exact measurements for this recipe, alot of eye balling going on.

Heat up a large skillet (that will accommodate all wings) or make in batches. Add 1 Tbsp of Grape seed oil or (Peanut oil) & add wings to the skillet. Season VERY lightly with Lawry's seasoning salt on one side. Begin browning chicken wings on both side (about 7-10 mins).
TIP: Placing the lid will allow the chicken wings to cook evenly throughout.
When chicken wings are fully cooked & browned, splash a good coating of
Kikkoman: Teriyaki (Marinade & Sauce) & allow sauce to thicken slightly (about 1-2mins). Turn heat off, toss in scallions and transfer to a serving platter.

 Simple Salad with a Japanese inspired Dressing


1 Ready packed Salad (Lettuce, shredded carrots & red cabbage)
1 Tpsp Kikkoman: (Less sodium) Soy Sauce *Green cap
2 Tbsp Marukan: Rice Vinegar (Seasoned) *Yellow cap
5 Tpsp Olive oil
Pinch of ground ginger
Black Pepper (to taste)

In a small bowl combine all the dressing ingredients, whisk to combine.
 Transfer salad mix in a large bowl & toss in dressing mix.

Our feast: Rolls, chicken wings & salad

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Friday, September 16

Liebster Award

Hey Everyone! Just wanted to post about the award I was given this week by an awesome blogger!!

Here is her blog: 


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The Liebster Blog Award is given to bloggers
with less than 200 followers, all in spirit
of fostering new connections.
Blogging is something that is very fun and exciting... I hope to inspire others through my blog. Thank you for reading & I hope to continue to please others through my recipes!
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My Take on: California Rolls

Creative dishes are always fun to make,
although they can be a bit time consuming.

Thankfully I had my trusty cousins in the kitchen that helped create such an amazing feast!
Jessica & Sandra <3

I had family over from Vegas this past weekend and I decide to create a American/ Japanese dish for them. On the Menu: California Rolls, Mexican Rolls, Teriyaki Chicken Wings & a simple Japanese inspired salad. This post will only cover the rolls... (other recipes to follow). 
I found the Calrose rice (sushi rice) at Target which was awesome.
The book pictured below is where my recipes where inspired from.

(Sushi Rice) RECIPE:
1 cup Japanese short grain rice
1 1/4 cups of water
2 Tbsp of unseasoned rice vinegar
4 tsp of sugar
1/2 tsp salt
** I used this recipe times 5 for our meal.

(California / Mexican Rolls)  RECIPE:
* I used
8 seaweed sheets
2 lbs. Imitation crab meat
2 Tbsp of Mayo
1-2 Tbsp of Japanese Hot sauce
1 large carrot (sliced into tiny sticks)
1 large cucumber (sliced into tiny sticks
2 avocados (sliced)

Slice carrots, cucumbers, avocado (set aside to ready to use, do this while rice cooks)

Directions for the crab meat:
Divide 1 pound of crab meat in 2 separate bowls.
For California rolls: shred crab meat completely, add 1 tablespoon of mayo and combine. For Mexican rolls: follow same steps as above, only difference is you add the chili sauce to this bowl & combine well.
(You can mix the crab meat in advance & store in the refrigerator until ready to use)

Note: (This recipe made about 42 large rolls)

Place rice in a strainer with small holes & rinse until water runs clear. Place rice in a rice cooker and add water. Set the rice to cook. When rice is ready, place rice in a large bowl and allow to cool. Once completely cool, add vinegar, sugar & salt, incorporate well.
Or if your like me I only add the vinegar. (Questions, why? Leave a Comment)

 Below is a picture of the brand we used for the (roasted seaweed sheets). You will need a bamboo place mat that complete rolls, place a piece of plastic wrap on top of mat (bigger then the seaweed sheets).
Place 1 sheet on top of plastic wrap, shiny side down.
Wet fingers and begin topping with a quarter inch thick layer of rice, pat down well (leave a border around).

Arranger imitation crab meat crosswise on the rice (amount desired is optional). The more meat the bigger the roll!! Line the crab meat with cucumbers, carrots & avocado.
Begin to roll (starting from the side the crab meat is on), hold the stuffing tightly towards you and roll, once first roll is complete, press down gently on bamboo mat, creating a perfect "log shape".
(Remember don't roll the plastic wrap into the roll)
 Keep rolling until you reach the end, pushing the stuffing in on the sides (if it iscoming out).

Gently place roll on a cutting broad, wet a sharp knife and begin slicing (wet knife in between each slice)

Repeat the stuffing and rolling steps until you finish the crab meat and rice. (You may have left over rice) 
Note: Fill all the California rolls first & then the Mexican rolls.. remember to plate on separate platters.
 Finally arrange rolls on your most beautiful platter!!!

Condiments: Soy Sauce, pickled ginger (optional) & more Japanese Hot sauce


Warning: These are not authentic.. but are very delicious. I had so much fun making them!!

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Sunday, September 11

Lasagna w/ Eggplant

Comfort food.... This recipe was on the Lasagna noodles box I purchased, I spiced it up with garlic, mushrooms & eggplant. By the way.... the eggplant made it very filling. (Plus your sneaking in more veggies) Afraid you may not enjoy it with eggplant, try it on half. 
Enjoy with some Wine or water! haha 
This recipe literally serves an army, perfect for entertaining. (About 8 people)

My first serving!


9 Lasagna Noodles (1/2 a pkg.)
1lb. Lean Ground beef
2 gloves garlic (minced)
6-8 button mushrooms (chopped)
2 small/ medium eggplants (sliced lenghtwise)
1 Jar of Pasta Sauce (your fav.)
2 (15 oz.) Ricotta Cheese
2 eggs
About 2 cups mozzarella cheese
About 1 1/2 cups Pamesan cheese
Salt & Pepper
Dried or fresh parsely

  • Boil water in a large pot for noodles (season water with salt), cook accordingly.
  • Chop garlic, mushrooms & slice eggplant.
  • In a large skillet, cook ground beef (medium high heat) until brown (season with salt & pepper), add garlic & mushrooms, cook another minute, add pasta sauce and combine (2 mins). Turn heat off.
  • Pre-Heat oven 350 degrees
  • Drain noodles, set aside
  • Combine ricotta cheese, eggs, 1 1/2 cups mozzarella cheese & 1 cup of Parmesan in a bowl.
  • In a large rectangular baking dish, butter the whole dish, spread meat sauce on the bottom & layer 3 noodles, next add half ricotta mixture, layer eggplant slices, top with more meat sauce, add noodles, repeat ricotta, eggplant slices & meat mixture, top with remianing noodles and sauce.
  • Spread top with Parmesan cheese and Parsely.
  • Cover with foil.
  • Bake for 40 minutes, then remove foil and bake another 10 minutes.
  • Remove from oven & even though you want to dig in at this point.... DON'T!! It's crazy hot, so let it stand. Plus if you let it stand, your slices with look neater :)

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Wednesday, September 7

Stuffed Chile Poblanos

Warning these are soooooo filling & Delicious!


4 Chile Poblanos                                                         Sauce:
1 lb. Lean Ground Beef
4 balls chorizo (or your favorite italian sausage)            1 Tomato
1/4 onion (chopped)                                                    1 Yellow pepper (Boil in water still tender)
1 large clove of garlic (minced)                                     Slice onion & Garlic Clove                               
1/2 carrot (diced)                                                         Salt & Pepper
1/4 bell pepper (diced)                                                 *Add cooked tomato/ peppers to blender along with
1/2 Yellow squash or zucchini                                         remaining ingredients, add splash of cooking liquids
1 Tomato (diced)                                                           (season) and puree.
1/2 Potato (diced)
Cheese your fav. (I used Oaxaca Cheese)
Salt (1/2 Tbsp) & Pepper
Pinch of Cumin
Fresh Cliantro (for garnish)

Want to make more?? Double recipe for 8 stuffed peppers!

Roast peppers till evenly Chard, cover and allow skins to loosen & then peel.
 Make a small opening in each one (Set aside) 
** Heat of Poblano's can vary from pepper to pepper.

Add Grape Seed oil to a large skillet. Saute ground beef (before all meat browns), add chorizo.
 (Season with Salt & Pepper, Cumin)

Add Onions & Garlic (cook 2 mins), Add Potato's & Carrots (cook 5 mins), lastly add bell peppers, tomato, yellow squash (Cook another 2 mins).

Meanwhile, in a small pot add tomato & pepper with water and cook till tender (for sauce).
Remove from heat, add to blender along with garlic & onion (season) Blend!

Meat mixture should look like something like this
 Filling the chiles.. grab a spoon and with fingers open skins (be very gentle)

Once Poblanos are filled place in a baking dish (or oven proof skillet), top with sauce & cheese.

Bake for 10 mins or until cheese is completely melted.
Top with Fresh Cilantro!


Tips: I've substituted ground beef for ground turkey!

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Monday, September 5

Salmon & Potato Cakes

Crab cakes are so yummy right??
 I never buy fresh crab, so I used Fresh Salmon instead. Came up with this recipe one day I had no idea what to make for dinner & it was an instant hit. I've made this many times, despite the
 ingredient list, they're fairly easy. Not to mention Delicious!!
I've only made this remoulade recipe once & really enjoyed the flavors.

(serves 4)

1/2 - 1 lb. Fresh Salmon (cut into even steaks)
2 large potatoes (cube)
1/4 onions (finely diced)
Fresh Thyme
Salt & Pepper

Flour (eyeball)
Egg wash (1-2 eggs & splash water, stir)
Panko Breadcrumbs

  1. Cube potatoes and place in a pot with salted water to boil. About 15mins or until tender.
  2. Drain and Set aside.
  3. Season Salmon with Salt & pepper (Pre-heat large skillet)
  4. Diced onion, add grape seed oil to skillet and saute 2 mins (until translucent).
  5. Add Salmon steaks and saute about 5-6 mins per side.
  6. Transfer Salmon & onions to a large glass bowl, add potato, thyme, and smash to combine.
Assembly Line:
1 plate egg wash, 1 plate breadcrumbs, & Salmon mixture.
**Pre heat large skillet & add Grape Seed Oil
Begin forming Salmon cakes (about the size of a palm or your preference)
  • Dip in egg wash
  • Dip in breadcrumbs
  • Add 3 to 4 Cakes to skillet and brown on both sides (2-3 mins. per side)
  • Set on a paper towel to allow excess grease to drip

Simple Remoulade Sauce:
(white sauce photographed)

1 Tbsp chopped fresh parsley
2 Tbsp finely chopped scallions
2 Tbsp finely chopped sweet pickles (or relish)
dash garlic powder
1/2 cup mayonnaise
1 Tbsp olive oil
2 teaspoons lemon juice
1 teaspoon Dijon mustard
few drops Worcestershire sauce
pepper, to taste

Combine all ingredients in a small bowl & allow to set in the frig. for 1 hr.
This sauce really brightens up the Salmon Cakes. A relative of mine who's an amazing
 Chef suggested it, he was right! (No more ketchup) 

Serve with Your favorite Salad.


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Friday, September 2

Bacon & Potato Scramble

Breakfast scramble anyone?

RECIPE: (1 serving)

1/2 potato (diced)
1-2 strips of BACON (chopped)
1/4 Red Bell pepper (diced)
2 slices of Onion (finely chopped)
1/4 yellow squash
2 eggs
Salt & Pepper (to taste)
** Double or triple recipe for more!

  1. Chop bacon, set in a skillet to render & drain grease (Set aside)
  2. Dice Potatoes and place in a skillet & saute till golden. (Set aside & season) 

3. Chop veggies, add 1Tbsp Grape seed oil & saute for 3mins.

4.Add in Bacon & Potatoes to veggies combine (Taste for seasoning).

5.Add eggs and scramble to preferred texture.

Serve and don't forget the Tabasco :)


Thursday, September 1

How Long have I been cooking?

My Experience...

I don't really rememeber my age when I first attempted COOKING ... with my mom that is, although I can say I was really young. (My memory only seems to recall what it feels like it, I'm horrible sometimes.)

However, I have always enjoyed helping out in the kitchen and especially watching Chefs on Television since I can remember. Looking back, we had boot-leg cable and channel 69 was the food channel and it rarely had a signal which always made me sad. But as the years pasted we finally got real cable... that's when my official love for the Food Network began. I must have been in high school!

As I stated in my first official post Mexican rice was the first dish I learned to make, and let me tell you it took practice to make perfect rice!! Although I slowly I gravitated towards Italian cuisine… YUM! After all, eating Mexican dishes everyday can be somewhat tiring & especially when there are endless amounts of recipes out there. So, after having my daughter I began cooking more for the family and it was always a non-Mexican dish… of course (my mom took care of feeding us Latin dishes).

Couple years pasted & of course life always has surprises in store.. I was pregnant again! Now I really had to step up my A-game.. we moved out.. & that’s when my cooking really EXPLODED!

Living alone with 3 hungry mouths to feed! I ventured off, bought cook books, downloaded recipes.. and cooked. Yes, I’ve made plenty of nasty things & even burned food! BUT, I make a mental note of my mistakes & tried again. With cooking it’s all about “Practice makes perfect”.. & some patience of course. It has taken me 2 years but I “think” Mexican cuisine is manageable (minus Posole & caldo). There is so much to learn & new dishes to make... this is only the beginning!! I know I have Mrs. Master chef by my side...every time I want to make something new I call her & she walks me through it.
SO Thank YOU Mom!

Some if not most recipes I alter to my liking… even my moms. That’s just me
 I’m a stubborn perfectionist & want things my way ;)

I want to stress…. You DO NOT need a state of the art kitchen with all the brand name gadgets & pots! If you are familiar with my kitchen, its small & I’m sure my stove is OLDER than your grandparents… but it’s functional!

The Stove
Cooking is my hobby… although if I’m ever rich I will go to culinary school & learn all those crazy techniques, followed by Cosmo school, & my high school dream school FIDM! I love makeup, fashion & cooking. I can only dream to gain the skills of indigenous women that cooked with clay pots in stone ovens to create their sophisticated foods. HA! I watch a cultural show at my parents sometimes that explores Mexican cuisine & the original methods of preparation. (It's awesome!)

Anyways (a little insight is always fun)…Thank you all for visiting my blog! I hope you enjoy my recipes & test a few. I have no intentions of becoming someone I'm not haha…
 BLOGS are “in”.. so why not blog about something I enjoy!