Friday, September 16

My Take on: California Rolls

Creative dishes are always fun to make,
although they can be a bit time consuming.

Thankfully I had my trusty cousins in the kitchen that helped create such an amazing feast!
Jessica & Sandra <3

I had family over from Vegas this past weekend and I decide to create a American/ Japanese dish for them. On the Menu: California Rolls, Mexican Rolls, Teriyaki Chicken Wings & a simple Japanese inspired salad. This post will only cover the rolls... (other recipes to follow). 
I found the Calrose rice (sushi rice) at Target which was awesome.
The book pictured below is where my recipes where inspired from.

(Sushi Rice) RECIPE:
1 cup Japanese short grain rice
1 1/4 cups of water
2 Tbsp of unseasoned rice vinegar
4 tsp of sugar
1/2 tsp salt
** I used this recipe times 5 for our meal.

(California / Mexican Rolls)  RECIPE:
* I used
8 seaweed sheets
2 lbs. Imitation crab meat
2 Tbsp of Mayo
1-2 Tbsp of Japanese Hot sauce
1 large carrot (sliced into tiny sticks)
1 large cucumber (sliced into tiny sticks
2 avocados (sliced)

Slice carrots, cucumbers, avocado (set aside to ready to use, do this while rice cooks)

Directions for the crab meat:
Divide 1 pound of crab meat in 2 separate bowls.
For California rolls: shred crab meat completely, add 1 tablespoon of mayo and combine. For Mexican rolls: follow same steps as above, only difference is you add the chili sauce to this bowl & combine well.
(You can mix the crab meat in advance & store in the refrigerator until ready to use)

Note: (This recipe made about 42 large rolls)

Place rice in a strainer with small holes & rinse until water runs clear. Place rice in a rice cooker and add water. Set the rice to cook. When rice is ready, place rice in a large bowl and allow to cool. Once completely cool, add vinegar, sugar & salt, incorporate well.
Or if your like me I only add the vinegar. (Questions, why? Leave a Comment)

 Below is a picture of the brand we used for the (roasted seaweed sheets). You will need a bamboo place mat that complete rolls, place a piece of plastic wrap on top of mat (bigger then the seaweed sheets).
Place 1 sheet on top of plastic wrap, shiny side down.
Wet fingers and begin topping with a quarter inch thick layer of rice, pat down well (leave a border around).

Arranger imitation crab meat crosswise on the rice (amount desired is optional). The more meat the bigger the roll!! Line the crab meat with cucumbers, carrots & avocado.
Begin to roll (starting from the side the crab meat is on), hold the stuffing tightly towards you and roll, once first roll is complete, press down gently on bamboo mat, creating a perfect "log shape".
(Remember don't roll the plastic wrap into the roll)
 Keep rolling until you reach the end, pushing the stuffing in on the sides (if it iscoming out).

Gently place roll on a cutting broad, wet a sharp knife and begin slicing (wet knife in between each slice)

Repeat the stuffing and rolling steps until you finish the crab meat and rice. (You may have left over rice) 
Note: Fill all the California rolls first & then the Mexican rolls.. remember to plate on separate platters.
 Finally arrange rolls on your most beautiful platter!!!

Condiments: Soy Sauce, pickled ginger (optional) & more Japanese Hot sauce


Warning: These are not authentic.. but are very delicious. I had so much fun making them!!

Have additional questions? Comment below

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