Thursday, September 1

How Long have I been cooking?

My Experience...

I don't really rememeber my age when I first attempted COOKING ... with my mom that is, although I can say I was really young. (My memory only seems to recall what it feels like it, I'm horrible sometimes.)

However, I have always enjoyed helping out in the kitchen and especially watching Chefs on Television since I can remember. Looking back, we had boot-leg cable and channel 69 was the food channel and it rarely had a signal which always made me sad. But as the years pasted we finally got real cable... that's when my official love for the Food Network began. I must have been in high school!

As I stated in my first official post Mexican rice was the first dish I learned to make, and let me tell you it took practice to make perfect rice!! Although I slowly I gravitated towards Italian cuisine… YUM! After all, eating Mexican dishes everyday can be somewhat tiring & especially when there are endless amounts of recipes out there. So, after having my daughter I began cooking more for the family and it was always a non-Mexican dish… of course (my mom took care of feeding us Latin dishes).

Couple years pasted & of course life always has surprises in store.. I was pregnant again! Now I really had to step up my A-game.. we moved out.. & that’s when my cooking really EXPLODED!

Living alone with 3 hungry mouths to feed! I ventured off, bought cook books, downloaded recipes.. and cooked. Yes, I’ve made plenty of nasty things & even burned food! BUT, I make a mental note of my mistakes & tried again. With cooking it’s all about “Practice makes perfect”.. & some patience of course. It has taken me 2 years but I “think” Mexican cuisine is manageable (minus Posole & caldo). There is so much to learn & new dishes to make... this is only the beginning!! I know I have Mrs. Master chef by my side...every time I want to make something new I call her & she walks me through it.
SO Thank YOU Mom!

Some if not most recipes I alter to my liking… even my moms. That’s just me
 I’m a stubborn perfectionist & want things my way ;)

I want to stress…. You DO NOT need a state of the art kitchen with all the brand name gadgets & pots! If you are familiar with my kitchen, its small & I’m sure my stove is OLDER than your grandparents… but it’s functional!

The Stove
Cooking is my hobby… although if I’m ever rich I will go to culinary school & learn all those crazy techniques, followed by Cosmo school, & my high school dream school FIDM! I love makeup, fashion & cooking. I can only dream to gain the skills of indigenous women that cooked with clay pots in stone ovens to create their sophisticated foods. HA! I watch a cultural show at my parents sometimes that explores Mexican cuisine & the original methods of preparation. (It's awesome!)

Anyways (a little insight is always fun)…Thank you all for visiting my blog! I hope you enjoy my recipes & test a few. I have no intentions of becoming someone I'm not haha…
 BLOGS are “in”.. so why not blog about something I enjoy!



  1. That's so great! I'm so happy I found your blog! let me tell you each and everyone of your food posts look delicious. I am not a good cook and I always tell myself I need to start practicing and honestly I want to try each and everyone of your recipes. I am Mexican American so you know I love every single one of your dishes but you are right theres always other foods to try. I love your blog and I look forward to learning how to cook from you (:

  2. Thank you so much for reading! I really hope you consider cooking more lol... and I'm so glad to help. I love sharing my recipes with people. So many close friends that rarely cook are trying my recipes, and say they might start cooking now :) It's funny now that I'm living on my own I crave Mexican food.. funny how things change. Please spread the word about my blog :)

  3. i am so happy i came across your blog! i look forward to all the yummy recipes :)

  4. THank you so much for following! Glad your enjoying my recipes! I'm going to check out your blog :)

  5. I wish Blogger had reply buttons and let us know when someone posts but yes..I just started blogging but I will spread the word about your blog maybe I'll make a post on my attempt to follow one of your recipes (:

  6. lovelyxobessions: Yes a little notification would be great!
    Thank YOu Thank YOu!