Thursday, September 29

Ground Beef Enchiladas w/ Guajillo Sauce

Mom's Ground Beef Enchilada's are always a hit!
Make this recipe when you have about 1 hour to spare. You won't be disappointed, promise :-)

Guajillo & Tomato Sauce
7 Guajillo Chilies
1 large tomato (quartered)
1 garlic clove
1 Tbsp Knolls Chicken flavored Bouillon
1 Tbsp of Grape seed oil
1 Tbsp of flour

Remove stems & clean

In a small pot add chiles & tomato fill with enough water to cover the chiles, turn on burner to a medium high heat, covered. Cook for about 10-15 mins (chiles & tomato must be tender).

Turn heat off! Place chiles & tomato in a blender, add Chicken bouillon, garlic & about 1/4 cup of the cooking water... BLEND. Blend well, for a couple minutes, consistency should be thick enough to coat a spoon. Taste & adjust seasonings accordingly. Tip: Levels of Spice depend on individual chiles, sometimes these are spicy & other times they are not... at all. Good luck ;)

Rinse the pot you cooked the chiles in... & dry. Heat up the pot add 1 Tbsp of oil &
1 Tbsp of flour, cook for about 2 mins or until it slightly boils.

Grab a mesh strainer & begin SLOWLY pouring in the sauce, "smack" the side of the strainer to enable the sauce to seep through.. When only seeds remain, press down with a spoon to push all the juices through. Heat up sauce & bring to a boil (heat should be at medium-low). Sauce should thicken some more. Turn heat off. Set aside.

RECIPE: (for the ground beef)

1 lb. of lean ground beef
1 Tbsp of Grape seed oil
1 small potato ( small diced)
1 carrot (small diced)
1 garlic (minced)
1/4 onion (chopped finely)
1 small tomato (diced)
2-3 tomatillos
Salt & Pepper
18 Tortillas (this recipe makes this many enchiladas)

Heat up a large skillet, add oil & lean ground beef. Season with salt & pepper.
Saute about 10 mins until meat is almost cooked.

Meanwhile chop all the veggies!

Begin by adding the garlic, onion (Cook 1 min.).. add Carrots & Potato (cook 2 mins).. Lastly add Tomato & tomatillo (cook additional 5-7 mins covered. Turn heat off. Set aside. Adjust seasonings if needed.
This meat mixture is almost like a "picadillo".

To fry the tortillas:
Warm tortillas up slightly, heat up oil in a skillet. Fry each tortilla about 30 sec. to 1 min. per side.
Remove excess oil after. Set aside (make sure all tortillas are facing one direction, smooth side down).

Place meat mixture, sauce & Tortillas within reach. Wet each tortilla in the sauce & place on a separate plate. Add about 2 Tbsp of the meat mixture to one side & ROLL!
(smooth side of the tortilla should be facing outwards) or else!

Our Suggested Toppings:
Chopped ice berg lettuce
Cheese (Cotija, Queso Fresco, Ranchero)
Sour Cream
Lots of Tapatio Hot Sauce


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