Sunday, February 5

Spinach & Mushroom stuffed Chicken Breast

I keep looking at my final product & it looks amazing!!! I took a total of 23 pictures for this dish, I narrowed it down to the most detailed.
As I walk you through this recipe, you'll probably say "I can do this".. which you can!!
As I googled stuffed chicken breast recipes (containing spinach & mushrooms) I found many asked for breadcrumbs, cheese & other ingredients... So I decided to try it my way, omit the other ingredients & simply stuff these with spinach, mushrooms, a small amount of cheese & (onion/ garlic for flavor).

3 Chicken Breast
about half a small container of mushrooms (chopped)
1 1/2 cup of spinach (tightly packed)
1/4 onion (chopped)
1 garlic clove (minced)
some cheese (mozzarella)

Begin by heating up a large skillet, add some olive oil, saute onion & garlic (3 minutes), add mushrooms (3mins), lastly add your spinach & stir to combine... season mixture with salt & pepper. Taste & adjust seasonings if needed. Turn off, set mixture aside.

Butterfly your chicken breast (open up) I'm not sure I knew what I was doing here... but I opened them up & placed them in a ziplock (1 at a time) & banged them with a wine bottle to flatten out.

Next.. divided your spinach mixture into 3 parts or how ever many your making... spoon in equal portions onto middle section of the breast, sprinkle with a small amount of cheese.

Roll on one side & then over lap with the other side.. secure with at least 1 toothpick.. (Do your best)

Season with Salt & Pepper.. & heat up another large skillet. & PreHeat oven at 350!

Saute no more then 2 breast at one time.. or the won't brown (they will steam) about 4 mins per side, remove & place in your buttered or oil sprayed baking dish.. Bake at 350 degrees for 25 mins.

Meanwhile lets make a quick pan sauce!!
 Ingredients: 2 TB of butter, 2 TB of flour, 1/2 cup of chicken stock & 1/2 of white wine, salt & pepper (Halved cherry tomatoes *optional, I added these for fun)

In the same pan you sauteed your chicken breast, add the butter & flour... stir to combine, when butter melts & begins to evenly bubble.. add white wine & chicken stock.. reduce by half.. so pretty much keep stirring on a low simmer until the sauce reduces & thickens (enough to coat a spoon). Season w/ Salt & pepper.. taste! When I removed my chicken breasts from the oven I added the cherry tomatoes to the sauce & only cooked for 2 mins.

When you remove the chicken from the oven, let it rest for about 10 minutes...
So wait, don't cut into it just yet!
OK, now slice it.... keep it pretty...

Transfer each breast to your serving plate & spoon on the sauce, as much as you desire!! Seriously, the cherry tomatoes gave it such a fresh bite.. I really enjoyed them!!! This meal took us about 1 hr. tops.
Yes you dirty a couple dishes.. but the outcome is well worth the effort.