Monday, August 22

Crispy Tacos

Mid-week blues... tried of meat/ chicken/ pasta!
Try these Simple CRISPY... YUMMY... DELICIOUS.. taco's !

Potato Stuffed Taco's

 2 large Potatoes (cut into large chunks)
1/4 cup of Mozzarella cheese
1/2 tsp. dried oregano
Salt (to taste, about a 1TB. to boiling water)

  • Place Potatoes in a large pot with enough water to cover them & add salt. Bring to a boil, simmer for about 15 minutes (or until Potatoes are fork tender).
  • Drain water add cheese & oregano, bring out your smasher & smash away!
  • You want the consistency of dry mash potatoes. Set aside.

Refried Bean Stuffed Taco's
** You have left over beans?? (follow my easy refried beans recipe)
You may add chorizo to refried beans, gives tacos an added KICK!

OK! You have prepare both the potato and bean stuffing, now the assembly begins!
  • Warm Tortillas, begin spreading beans/ potato on one half & close
Spread Mixture on one half
STACK 1: Beans / STACK 2: Potato


  • Once you filled each tortilla with both stuffings, heat a large skillet! Begin frying 3-4 tacos at a time until crispy golden brown. (Oil must be hot or else taco's absorb to much oil.. I use Grape Seed Oil)
  • Make sure you have a plate with a napkin ready to place tacos & allow ALL excess oil to drip away!

Easy Tomato Salsa
1 large Tomato or 2 Roma Tomato's
2 Jalapeno Peppers
1 garlic clove
Splash of Pickled Jalapeno Juice
Pinch dried oregano
Salt & Pepper ( to taste)

Boil Tomato & Peppers until Jalapenos are tender.
Place veggies, garlic, oregano, splash of pickled jalapeno juice & seasonings in a blender & BLEND!

**Non-Spicy "Kid-friendly" Salsa.. omit Jalapeno peppers!!

Suggested Toppings:
Tomato Salsa
Queso Cotija (Salty Mexican cheese)

Eat 1 of each, 2 of each... or if your like me 3 of each ;)

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  1. It's so funny how much we use to hate this meal as kids. And now? We can't stop eating them! :-p Another classic recipe. Thanks for posting it!

  2. Seriously!!! I just can't eat less then 4!

  3. Gaby: YES! I would DREAD taco night, LOL. I made these last month and had 4. WOW.