Monday, November 28

Slow-Cooked Pork Tacos

I made these tacos over the summer... & I've been dying to share!
 If you are familiar w/ "Barbacoa" (mexican meat dish) This pork has a very similar flavor... very Yummy!

5-6 Whole Pasilla chiles
4 garlic cloves (peeled)
1/2 medium onion
3 Tb oil
1 TB honey
1 Tb Cider Vinegar
2 tsp Dried oregano
3 3/4 Cups (low sodium) Chicken stock
1 Bay Leave / 1 Cinnamon Stick
3-4 lbs. Pork lion (untrimmed)

1. Put pasilla chiles & garlic in a bowl.. microwave for 2 mins. (Stem & seed). Transfer to of oil to a blender.

2. Add onion, olive oil, honey, vinegar, salt & oregano .... Puree until smooth!

3. Add 1 Tbsp a large skillet & heat over high heat, add chile sauce & fry until thick. (about 8mins)

4. Add chicken broth & reduce heat.

5. Season pork all over with salt & pepper.. chuck into large chunks -- add to your slow cooker!

6. Add bay leaf & cinnamon stick & pour in sauce.

Cook for 5 hours or until tender... or Cook in the oven for 1 hour @ 350 degrees covered, then uncovered for 30 mins more. Remove from slow cooker or oven & shred pork with a fork. Warm up tortillas & make TACOS!!
Suggested Toppings: Cilantro, purple cabbage, limes, queso fresco, sliced onion... etc.

Here's the link & a WAYYY better picture! Ha!


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