Thursday, November 17

Giada's Fried Raviolis

Mini Fried Raviolis..YUM!

I don't know why carb posts have overtaken this month!! Fear not... I had some recipes saved...
& my waistline is still OK. I think :-) These are easy but take some time! End result - deliciousness.

1/2 pk. of mini (cheese stuffed) Ravioli's
1/2 or more of breadcrumbs
1 egg & splash water (for the wash)
Parmesan cheese

Cook Ravioli's accordingly and drain... set aside..
Make an assembly line: Breadcrumbs, egg wash (crack egg & add a splash of water, stir)
Heat up a large skillet with Grape see oil.
Dip a ravioli in the egg wash & immediately in the breadcrumbs.. make enough to fill a pan! Then drop into the oil carefully (cook about 3 minutes on both sides). Repeat process.

Remove from oil & place on a plate lined w/ a paper towel.. sprinkle with Parmesan Cheese. Let melt in!!
 Enjoy with your favorite marinara sauce alongside (as Giada suggests) or for the kiddie's ketchup!
 Fun Snack or appetizer!


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