Friday, November 18

Reese, Oreo, Mini Cheesecake goodness..


When I came across this recipe for Mini Cheesecakes, I was instantly sold! I made these exactly like Bakerella's recipe. Except.... like the amateur baker that I am, I left the paper liner in the aluminum cupcake holders.. Opps! (They would have looked fancier without the paper liner, of course)
Click the link below for a step by step!

I broke up the waffers b/c my liners weren't 2 inches... opps again!

Gorgeous right!!! So delicious & easy!


These Reese Peanut butter cupcakes are inspired from the photo she has in the link below, I later found the link to the actual recipe! Still Delish! I used a box of Devils Cake, stuck one whole Reese cup before baking, then baked accordingly.

Allow to cool completely.. I made a chocolate glaze instead of the chocolate frosting. 
Why? Much easier.. Mix milk with powered sugar & add a Tablespoon of Cocoa powder! Done!
Top with crumbled Reese cups! YUM! Very nice presentation.. Thanks Bakerella! 


Oreo Cupcakes.. as I like to call them! Bakerella calls these the "Cookies n' Cream cupcakes".. Again I used a box of devils food cake mix.. Mixed accordingly! Crack 1 Oreo into 4 pieces & add 3 of those into each cup... Now Bake!
Click below for Bakerella's step by step!

Ugh! Can't take it.. they are gorgeous even without frosting!

For the frosting, I cheated again! (Hey, cut me some slack.. I made the cake from scratch) Next time when I choose one cupcake recipe to bake .. I'll make it from scratch or NOT! hahaha
Use 1 Can of Vanilla frosting.. in a large ziplock bag add 10 or so Oreo's.. Smash into crumbs! Mix into the frosting & Done! I know you love my short cuts! ;)

Now for the Cake! I just had to make him a cake... he was turning 25 afterall! And yes I LOVE him to death! I used Martha Steward's Ultimate Chocolate cake recipe... followed it to the core! For the frosting I used her Ultimate Chocolate Frosting recipe, delish! I filled the middle layers with leftover Oreo frosting & garnished with halved Oreo's along the sides... Topped with more OREO crumbs! He & I are OREO cookie's biggest Fans.. I'm seriously!

Sophi giving me a hand!
Finished product... Don't judge my decorating skills... I'm an amateur at this!

 The End.. This is what my week was consumed by <3


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