Saturday, November 3

Bacon,egg & cheese muffins

Never leave the house hungry.. even during your morning rush!
Substitute the bacon for ham, turkey, tomato, avocado, canadian bacon.. etc.

1 english muffin (whole wheat, white, sour dough)
1 egg 
1 slice cheese (your fav)
2-3 slices of Bacon

Heat up a skillet, cook the bacon & set aside.  Clean pan & add a bit of butter, crack your 
egg & scramble. immediately form into a circle (the size of your muffin). 
Meanwhile toast your muffin. Once egg is cooked to your liking, remove and add to your toasted muffin, top with cheese & bacon. Wrap in foil for a 'TO-GO' breakfast or make more for the whole family.



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