Monday, December 26

EASY night!

Ever walked through Trader Joe's freeze section & gazed into all the pre-packed products available...? Well ever had a busy night were you have absolutely no idea what to feed your family? 
Problem solved!!
Pick up one of these & you'll have a meal in minutes.. I try to keep these on hand.

For the Shrimp Stir-Fry:
 1 Package
1 used (an additional 1/2 a pound of frozen shrimp & some soy sauce for flavor) Add in the shrimp & cook until pink... Why more shrimp? So I have enough to feed 3 1/2.. (2 of these packs would feed 4)
I also cooked some white rice on the side to complete the meal.

This may not be homemade... BUT it's a lifesaver indeed! Us mom's need a break too!


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