Wednesday, December 28

Chilaquiles (Fried tortilla w/ Red Chile Sauce)

If I could make these everyday.... would I? Heck YES!
My significant other & I argue about which way is the "right" way to make these... of course I say I'm right. His way: scramble eggs into the finally product... yes its delish but that isn't called chilaquiles, it would then be called chilaquiles con huevo!!! Anyhow... Lets talk business.

5-6 dried pasilla chile's (Roasted over a flame until char)
1 small garlic clove
1 thin slice of onion
1/2 Tb salt
1/2 cup of water
splash of milk (mom's way)

Add ingredients into the blender & puree for a while until very smooth.

Heat up oil in a small pot & add 1 Tb of flour.. Mix until bubbles..

*** Thickness of sauce should coat a spoon!

Grab a fine mesh strainer & pour in sauce in batches.. Gently tap on the edge of the strainer to allow sauce to flow thru... & Mix in with flour.

Heat sauce thru until gently begins to simmer & its ready! Taste & adjust seasonings accordingly.
At this point Congratulate yourself if its spicy but tasty... because you have also just made the most basic RED Enchilada sauce! YAY!! (Can be used on cheese, chicken, beef enchiladas) Your Welcome ;)

Cut in whatever shape you prefer & fry your tortillas up... drain & pour in some sauce until its saucy enough for you & add some cheese & maybe some diced or sliced onion..

 Or go a set further & saute your onion & then pour the sauce... garnish with cilantro!
Don't forget your eggs!



  1. I love Chilaquiles !! these look yumm! do you have a green salsa recipe by any chance I want an authentic one just like this red one! thanks


  2. Omg reading this gave me heartburn lol. I'm preggo n any chile I eat kills me. But after I have baby I'm trying this it looks super duper good!

  3. I love chilaquiles, they look delicious! I need to make some this weekend =) Thanks for the recipe

  4. Eelsay, thanks for commenting & glad they look delicious! I do have a green salsa recipe (under) August there's the link to seafood enchilada's that the reen sauce I used for enchiladas :-) Enjoy!!

  5. Jessica: I just laughed out loud!! Your to funny, ugh I remember the heart burn while preg!! Hope you have a fast/easy delivery & you try these soon :-)

    Cyn: your very welcome! Let me know if they come put good! :-)

  6. Oh good!! Your very welcomed! ;)

  7. This is hilarious because mom was just saying last weekend why she stopped making chilaquilles here at the house - it was because my dad insisted she scramble in eggs to the final product! And of course she thinks it disgusting and refuses. So I guess she just gave up entirely. I guess it's not just a Jalisco thing. Funny.