Tuesday, April 15

Baked Fish in foil packets

When it comes to seafood I rarely discriminate. I love it!
 I've been craving baked fish, something pretty... Individual foil packets were the way to go. I'm all about eating with my eyes, I'm such a freak. Anyways, the simplicity of this recipe & variations can make this a staple in your book of recipes. Use any veggies and/or herbs of your choice, & wrap in foil. Impress your honey with this eye pleaser.

1 1/2 lb chunky tilapia filets
 (or halibut, bass, cod, flounder, mahi mahi etc.)
3 garlic cloves
Olive oil
Salt & pepper
(Veggies I choose)
Red bell pepper, jalapeño, onion, asparagus (thinly sliced) 

Marinate your fish if time allows, place in a large ziplock, add crushed garlic, and 1Tb oil. 

Chop veggies for later use. 

Pre-heat oven at 400. Cut large pieces of foil, add a piece of fish, season with salt & pepper,

add some veggies,

finish with a slice or two of lemon, 1 piece of butter

& wrap tightly.

Place packets on a baking sheet & in the oven they go! Bake for 20-25 minutes.

 25 minutes was perfect!
Opening up the packets of fish smelled heavenly!

I probably made more food than our stomachs can handle, but everything was delicious!
My sides included black beans, barley, & Roasted Broccoli.
 The kids fish packets didn't included veggies, so these sides were perfect for them. 

XOXO, Enjoy!!!

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