Wednesday, January 15

Detox water

There are times when you feel blah, bloated, and just plain gross.. maybe you had an over the top weekend!? By over the top I'm referring to your crazy binge eating, which I'm far more guilty of than I'd like to admit. Opps! Anyhow, I jumped on the detox water drink last year and to my surprise, it worked.... for me. I lost 3-4 lbs in a week, the bloat was gone and my water intake was higher. AMAZING! The best part is all ingredients are natural and accessible.
Try it, you just might be pleasantly surprised.
Yes I did the research for you.... you're welcome!
Mint:   Mint leaves help you lose weight and stimulate the digestion of fat while eliminating toxins.
Lemon: Vitamin C and the juice is a digestive aid and liver cleanser.
Cucumber: 95 % water, yet more nutrious than plain water. So it keeps you hydrated.
Ginger: anti-inflammatory, eliminates intestinal gas, etc. It's has crazy good benefits!
1 Cucumber
1 tbsp. Fresh Ginger (peels)
1 Lemon
Lots of fresh mint
2 Qt of Water
In a pretty jug, fill with water, slice the veggies & add to the water.
Allow mixture to sit over night, enjoy the following day.

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