Thursday, June 6

Habanero/Jalapeño Salmon

This is my family's favorite way to make Salmon, everyone I've introduced this recipe to

Salmon steak
Salt, pepper & garlic powder
Onion (sliced)
!-2 Jalapeño (sliced)
1 Habanero (sliced)

Season the salmon with Salt, freshly ground pepper & a pinch of garlic powder.
Pre-Heat a skillet to medium high & add some grape seed oil.

Saute the peppers & onion until they become semi-soft (about 5 mins)

Make room for the salmon by moving peppers to the sides of the skillet,
 place salmon in carefully & arrange the peppers on top, cover (4 mins).

Again take peppers off the salmon & gently flip, re-arrange the peppers on top.
If you do not move the peppers they will burn before the salmon in fully cooked (trust me). By placing the peppers on top the salmon absorbs the heat faster, beware. Haha!

After about a minute or so, take the salmon out & plate. In the past I've made white or brown rice along with & a side of steamed veggies. This time I decided to place on top of an organic mixed green salad & man was it delicious. I drizzle my salad with a bit of lemon juice & olive oil. 


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