Monday, July 25

Something New..

New clothes, shoes, makeup, even gossip, or yummy dishes are things that may excite one! All of the above are uplifting in my case, as well as the commence of this new blog.
After posting, posting, and posting snaps of my good eats and possibly boring my fellow FACEBOOK friends, I've decided (more like encouraged) to start a blog. Always a 'low key' dream of mine, which is now a reality in the making. I hope to aid in the unleashing of your inner chef ;) ... Enjoy!

Share recipes, photos (via iPhone), experiences, and new challenges. Lets not forget the ultimate goal of making you hungry, the way Food Network accomplishes to do so. (<-- let me dream people)

My ultimate inspiration has to be my mom!
She literally began cooking at the age of 6, this is a photo showcasing her skills at best.

(excuse the quality, taken from a pervious blackberry)

 I would only hope to become as great, stove full of different pots with fillings on one side and cooking the actual gordita's on the other. (while on the phone ha ha!)