New Paint calls for new accessories...
We choose Ashley Gray by Benjamin Moore for our living room with white trim, brilliant choice... perfect blend of grays and taupe! 
Curtains and Lamp from my favorite store Kirklands.
 Table tray and Area rug from Target.
Cute vase from Michaels, wine corks from a few hours of drinking. Ha! Totally kidding!



DIY New Years Eve Centerpiece
If you follow me on instagram you probably saw our mini party more in detailed!
Revamp old Furniture
This buffet table has been in my Dad's storage for years. He wouldn't get rid of it because it was solid wood. Finally one day I asked for it, of course he had no use for it and said yes. I decided to repaint and add new knobs. The paint color was a grayish teal/blue. Knobs and paint from Home depot.
I sanded the entire thing down, which was a pain, then painted (2 coats) and changed out the knobs. Took me like 3 weeks haha, I worked on it alittle each day.

That's one of my wedding centerpieces (Manzanita tree branch), it has Christmas tree lights right now.. looks cute at night.


DIY Baby Shower Diaper Cake


Christmas Card for Teacher
(Sister's Idea) super cute right?

DIY Halo for First Communion


{Personalized DIY Sharpie MUG}

For this simple tutorial, you will need to go out buy a ceramic mug of your choice & oil based sharpie pen.
Practice on paper what you will draw or write, than clean the surface of the mug with rubbing alcohol to remove all oil. Allow to dry & you're ready to begin. If you make any mistakes, a q-tip & alcohol should do the trick. Finally place in a cold oven & bake for 30 mins @ 450 degrees. Allow to cool before removing from the oven, to avoid burns & the mug from cracking.

Wrap with clear gift wrapping paper, tie with a cute ribbon & you're DONE!

Dining Room Wall Art

For this one I'm re-purposing my wedding frames & signs. I repainted the glass cover with chalk board paint. Let it dry & made a cute sign for my dining room. 
Supplies: Old frames, chalk board paint, ruler, pencil, & Sharpie (oil based paint pen) in white!

Figure out what you would like it to say.. write it out in pencil!! Use your ruler to make sure it's straight.

Finally re-write it with your sharpie, take your time!!!
Lastly, go over it making the words sharper & adding some flair.
 Let it dry & your done!

 I hung it up with my chef frame & the laced letter 'C' I made for our wedding! Cute right!


My Christmas Decor


Makeup Storage & Display

I've opted for acrylic drawers to store my makeup. I separated my makeup into each drawer & because they're clear I can easily find what I'm looking for. I don't have a TON of makeup, but this setup
 works for me. I purchased both the small & larger drawers from, the smaller 
which I use for small jewelry. 
The thin black shelf really helps by minimizing counter space & making my whole setup seem somewhat organized. I placed my brushes in cheap "toothbrush holders" from Ross.  
I also choose to display my necklace on the left with (brown rusty) wall hooks from Osh. (not pictured)


Something New: A Black & White Color Scheme..

I just love this room so much, hope you enjoy the tour!
 I helped my mom re-decorate her guest bedroom.. The walls are a dark sage w/ gray under tones (Wall color looks kind of dark in this pictures, this room has plenty of light shining through the patio doors). 
She's the color GREEN's biggest fan! My favorite part is the bedding & all the different textures. I'm also a huge fan of the shag rug, just makes me want to sink my feet into it!!! LOVE IT!!

Bedding/Side Table/Lamp/WAll mirrors - IKEA   Low Pile Shag Rug - TARGET

The photo's on the wall are everyone's favorite! Pretty much all photo's are taken by my talented brother.
The decor for the dresser are all items she already had around the house.

Cream Linen Curtains - TARGET

RECYCLE: Make your own Dry Stick/Stems Arrangment

I've had mine for over a year, I put this together last FALL! I've finally decided to share with you all.
Steps: Go outdoors find awesome looking sticks.. clean or wash them.. allow them to completely dry. Find a cute vase & place them inside!!! Done! 
Over time the stick will dry up completely, changing the texture & even color.


DIY: How to Repaint old Frames

This week I took on the task of reorganizing my parents picture frames in their hallway. However, all the frames were from the 80's & mismatched. SO..... I convinced my mom to let me repaint them
hehehehe! I loved the outcome... Nice contrast from all the other black frames in their house.

What you need:
Sand Paper, Primer, Small Paint brush & White (Semi-Gloss) Interior Paint

Remove pictures & Glass. Begin by lightly sanding all frames (outside), brush off excess dust.
Apply a thin layer of primer to each frame. Allow to dry completely!!!

Once primer dries, apply a thin even stroke of white paint. Allow to dry for 2 hrs.

Bring inside, clean and add pictures. Arrange!!!
Have FUN!!!


RECYCLE: Drink up ladies!

Need an alternative way to
 store or "showcase" your fashion jewelry?

Here is a fabulous & inexpensive way to do so.. Don't toss empty wine, champagne,
 liquor or an fancy shaped bottles for that matter. 
To remove stickers or tags:
Allow warm water to run down bottles and then begin
to scrub off stickers (it should come right off).

Here's a $2 wine bottle from Trader Joe's
Place these bottles in a row or in a diamond shape
 (tall in the back & short in the front) on shelves or a dresser.
The idea here is to recycle what you already own, so don't go
out & purchase fancy expensive vases. (Unless of course you want too!)

For my daughters past birthday parties, I saved empty Patron bottles and used
them as center pieces for flowers or what not.
 (If your familiar with Patron the shape is adorable & the tags come right off.. kinda)

*Hoop earrings would look especially cute in this short bottle.